Bermuda 2017

My ex took me to Bermuda for my 27th birthday. My mom was convinced he was going to propose. The colors look a lot better in the photos I took then they did in real life. Not sure if that dissonance is caused by my negativity bias, or by the place being more photogenic than it is beautiful.

I made these drawings while I was there: on the beach, in the jungle, and sitting in bed in our Airbnb. Most started as blind contours, drawn while looking at what was in front of me instead of looking at the paper. They sat in a manila envelope in my apartment in Bushwick for a few weeks, then went to Berlin with me, and eventually made it back to St. Louis where my parents live. In St. Louis I met a recently graduated photography student with a Risograph who was kind enough to print the edition.

It’s a wild time to be drawing plants on a beach.
It’s a wild time to be alive.

A book of drawings by Anna Hegarty, printed by Riso Hell Press.  $20